Listed below are all the books I remember reading and which are worth mentioning here. I tried to quickly outline them and give recommendations for people who might be interested in reading them. This list is by far not complete neither will it ever be. The links to the books are affiliate links.

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Über Leben

Reinhold Messner


In his book, Reinhold Messner describes his way of living and his personal view of crucial things for alpinism. He also shares much of his life experience and his background.

Recommendet for

For people who like adventures and beeing in the mountains as I do.

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Permanent Record

Edward Snowden


The exposer of the US mass surveillance program talks about the intelligence community and how he helped to set this system up and destroy it afterwards when it became too big.

Recommendet for

People who think that if one has nothing to hide, and mass surveillance is therefore not a problem.

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