Since I’ve noticed that you may customize the screensaver for the Onyx Boox Note Air, I searched the web for some nice screensavers but there were none. So I had to create my own. I’ve chosen (as always) mountains for the background.

At the time of creating this screensaver, I was reading Reinhold Messners Book Über Leben, so I chose to take the dolomites for the background. More specifically, these are the Geisler Spitzen in Messner’s hometown. The base image is from Unsplash, shot by Stefano Bazzoli.

Since this ebook reader does have a E-Ink display, I had to make it black and white and increase contrast. I also added a nice quote from George RR Martin (the author of Game of Thrones).

The mountains and the quote makes the screensaver perfect for anyone who loves reading and moutaineering at the same time. The quote’s font is called Cookie.


The perfectly fittet image ready for the Onyx is ready for download here. There is also a fullsized version available at the link below.

Download the images